April Fool’s Day: TV celebs share their unforgettable experiences!

April Fool’s Day: TV celebs share their unforgettable experiences!
Celebrities recount the pranks they have played and how they have been fooled by their friends on April Fool’s Day. Read on.
Raman Handa
I was very offended by a prank that my brother Gaurav played on me when I was nine years old. One day, I broke my tooth and my mom asked me to bury it, saying a tree will grow bearing my teeth as the fruit. I obeyed her, but Gaurav fooled me, saying he had seen one of our friends digging it out. I became upset with the news and went to his house to fight it out. Suddenly, Gaurav started singing, ‘April Fool Banaya, Tumko Gussa Aaya’. I was very offended because my friend’s family stopped him from playing with me after this incident. But now all of us are friends. In Class VII, I fooled one of my friends. She used to act pricey and I wanted to teach her a lesson. So, one day, when everybody went to attend the morning assembly, I slipped a frog into her bag and closed it. When classes began and my friend opened her bag, the frog leaped at her and she was terrified. When she got to know that I was behind the April Fool’s prank, she stopped talking to me. I was also suspended from my school for three days.
Vivek Mishra
During my school days, a friend once invited all of us for his birthday party. It was only after reaching his home we realised that we had been ‘April Fooled’. But fortunately, my friend’s mom organised some yummy food for us and saved the day. A couple of years ago, one of my relatives died. A few days after her death, I called up her staff members on her landline and impersonated her. I told them that I am calling from heaven and would soon visit to inspect the house. They were so scared that they stepped out of the house and refused to go in.
Ripu Daman Handa
I have never been offended by any April Fool’s day prank. But my brother once scared the wits out of me. He placed the colour photo of a skull inside a glass jar and kept it on my table. It looked so real, my heart was in my mouth. Personally, I have never been good at fooling people.
Natasha Singh
One day, I reached the set late as I wasn’t required to be in the initial scenes being shot that day. As I walked in, a co-actor, who is also a good friend, approached me with a black eye. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. He said a senior actor had punched him by mistake during the shoot. I was so concerned for my friend that I went to the director and insisted that he be taken to the doctor. Nobody reacted and I was furious. Soon, everyone started laughing and I realised that they were pulling my leg. I was angry initially, but soon joined the fun. I once made the mistake of playing a personal joke on a close friend, whose marriage had been fixed. We arrived at her house around 11 pm on March 31 and told her that we had seen her fiancé with another girl. We added a lot of juicy details to spice up the story. The idea was to stop at sharp 12 and scream ‘April Fool’. But 20 minutes into the prank, she was so upset, we decided to come clean.
Mohammad Nazim
One day, I landed at my girlfriend’s house thirsty and asked her for a cold drink. She gave me a bottle of Thumbs Up, which I started gulping down immediately. It took me some time to realise that she had mixed green chillies in it.
Vishal Singh
When I returned from shoot one day, I saw my brother lying on bed. I asked him if he was fine, but there was no reply. I panicked when he communicated, through gestures, that his voice had gone. I somehow convinced him to visit the doctor and the moment we stepped out of our house, he screamed: April Fool banaya. So far, I have never played any April Fool prank on anyone.
Gunjan Utreja
Along with some friends, I once covered a matka with a piece of red cloth and placed it on the road with some lemons and green chillies. People were scared to cross it and there was a traffic block. After around 15 minutes, when we realised that the situation was getting out of control, we removed it. It was not offensive, though.
Ajay Chaudhary
Last year, one of my friends invited me to his wedding. I went all the way from Mumbai to Chandigarh before realising that it was April 1 and I had been fooled.
Shivangi Verma
Last year, I was working on a show when some colleagues wanted me to ‘faint’ on the sets and scare the production team. I did so, and everyone panicked. When they realised that it was an April Fool’s joke, they got angry. However, we sorted it out later.
Rohit Bhardwaj
Once, a friend told me he had booked an entire show of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.’ He said all our college friends, including the girl I had a crush on, would be there. I was super excited and rushed to the theatre, only to see the House Full board there.
Vivian Dsena
A friend asked me to meet his girlfriend at a particular restaurant. He then called one of my girlfriend’s family to the same restaurant, saying that my family wanted to meet them. We all landed up there and utter confusion followed. It took some time for everyone to realise that it was an April Fool’s prank.
Jay Soni
On a Fool’s Day, I arranged for some fake cops to ‘raid’ my dance school. As expected, my instructor and fellow students were totally scared. But they were not offended. I would like to play a prank on my wife Pooja, as this is the first Fool’s Day after our wedding.
Roop Durgapal
Knowing my interest in acting, my friends once told me that some directors were coming to our college to scout for talent. In my eagerness to impress the filmmakers, I went to the adution totally decked up. My friends had a hearty laugh on seeing me, but I was not offended. In fact, my look that day fetched me a lot of compliments.