Anita is the ‘boldest bhabhi’ on Indian TV – Saumya Tandon

Anita is the ‘boldest bhabhi’ on Indian TV – Saumya Tandon
Actress Saumya Tandon who essays the role of Anita Narayan in &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai (Edit II) is a ‘thinking actor’ and likes to get involved with the team in making every scene better.
However, considering that Saumya simply does not like the idea of taking a plunge into ‘daily soaps’, she is extremely happy with her decision of being part of the &TV show.
Says Saumya, “I am definitely not a daily soap person, and I hate the concept of saas-bahu sagas. When I was offered the role of Anita in Bhabhiji, I was really apprehensive about picking it up. I nearly took 7-8 months to give my nod, and was told by the channel that they believe I am the right choice for the role. Today, few months after being part of the show, I feel that the channel was right in casting me for the role.”
For Saumya, it is important that certain sensibilities match, when it comes to working with the unit. “Bhabhiji is a very good show mainly because everything is so well-organized. We shoot under a good scheduling package, and also enjoy adequate rest on our off days. Everything works out conveniently well if you are bestowed with a good team, director, co-actors. Our director Shashank Bali is very good. Another good thing is that all are seasoned actors on the set. If an actor is new, he/she can easily sway away from priorities upon seeing success. But within our cast, there is nothing like insecurity and this creates a unique calmness on the set. And this has come across only because all the actors involved have had a good body of work before.”
Talking about her role of Anita Narayan in the show, Saumya feels her character has been the boldest bhabhi on Indian TV. “The characterization of Anita has been too good. She has a husband who is a complete ‘Nikkhathu’ and she is the bread winner in the family. However, Anita does not leave a chance to romance her husband. They have an amazing chemistry, and Anita is very romantic to the core. Usually, there are two kinds of wives on TV – either the lady is a Sati Savitri, or is a typical vamp. However, the realistic way of looking at it is that women can be in between these two tangents. If I would have been a mother, I will definitely not like my daughter to be submissive, and will want her to give it back to her husband when needed.”
Before signing off, Saumya adds, “Well, I really hope our unit remains as amazing as this, and our story line remains as tasteful as this. As an actor, one tends to get bored if monotony strikes. I am keeping my fingers crossed; I hope I maintain to have the same exuberance and enthusiasm to play Anita till the show lasts.”