All Is Well In Trouble Again, Asin Unwell

All Is Well In Trouble Again, Asin Unwell

All is not well with Umesh Shukla’s Rishi-Abhishek-Supriya-Asin starrer All Is Well. The shooting of the delayed film which began on Wednesday had to be called off due to its leading lady’s health.

“Asin is unwell. She somehow shot on the first day of the shooting on Wednesday. But the shooting had to be called off on Tthursday,” says a source.

The co-ordinated dates of Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Supriya Pathak have hence gone to waste once again.

The ironically-titled All Is Well has been in trouble since the shooting began last year. Smirti Irani who was playing Rishi Kapoor’s wife and Abhishek’s mother got busy with her political commitments and had to be finally replaced by Supriya Pathak.

The entire film had to be re-shot with Supriya.

The shooting re-commenced on Wednesday, only to be confounded by Asin’s ill health.

Apparently the actors have begin to lose patience.

Rishi Kapoor says, “I had a four releases in 2012 and five releases in 2013 and only one release in 2014. This is because of All Is Well. First Smriti Iraniji got busy with politics. Then Abhisek got busy with his football. At this rate I won’t have any release this year. But chalta hai. Delays are a part of the film making process. After so many years in the business I should be used to it.”