Alia Bhatt’s Tips to Get Over Heart Breaks

Alia Bhatt’s Tips to Get Over Heart Breaks

Have you ever been in a very serious relationship and it ended all of a sudden? Have you ever had a heart break? If yes, then its your lucky day as the bubbly star Alia Bhatt, gives us a few tips to get over such situations.

During a special bloggers meet at the Miss Vogue launch today, she doled out these tips to get over heart breaks :

1. Go on a long vacation to an exotic location if you can afford it or else a simple vacation to a nearby place. Re-discover yourself.

2. Meet your friends, talk to them and spend time with them. Expressing always helps. You can also go on a vacation with your friends.

3. Don’t eat too much (or too less). We tend to eat a lot after heart breaks, don’t do that, you’ll end up being fat. Eat normally and on top of all of this, love yourself and make yourself feel special.

Even as Alia doles out relationship advice, her sense of humour remains intact!