Ali Zafar gushes over newborn daughter

Ali Zafar gushes over newborn daughter

Ali Zafar and wife Ayesha Fazli welcomed their second child last month and the Pakistani actor-singer “can’t express the joy and the feeling”.

The couple, who got married in 2009, also has a four-year-old boy Azaan together.

In an interview, Ali expressed his happiness on becoming a proud father again.


Q. Congratulations on being blessed with a daughter. What have you named her?

A. Thank you. We’ve named our daughter Alyza.

Q. Tell me how it feels…familiar territory? Or an all-new experience?

A. Bit of both, I would say. They say daughters are the best thing ever. Can’t express the joy and the feeling.

Q. Are you planning to take time off to now for a spend at home while?

A. Family has always been a priority and always will. Work continues on the side but more of time is dedicated to look after them till my wife Ayesha recovers fully.

Q. Do you feel you’d like to be with the family much more than you do?

A. Yes. I have been travelling and working hard away from home specially in the last five years. I want to be around them or have them more around me than before.

Q. When are you back in India next? And what is your next Indian project?

A. I will be in India this month for a few events and pending script narration sessions. However, my next film is locked and going under production soon. I will announce it soon.