After Shilpa Shinde, Sameksha Singh alleges Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer of sexual harassment

After Shilpa Shinde, Sameksha Singh alleges Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer of sexual harassment

Weeks after Shilpa Shinde’s sexual harassment claim against her Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Sanjay Kohli, P.O.W actress Sameksha Singh also accuses Sanjay of molestation.

Sameksha who made her TV debut with Binaifer Kohli’s ( Sanjay’s wife) show Zara, also opened about the abusive environment she used to work in.

Speaking to a leading daily, she revealed, “Binaifer’s set’s environment was really bad. No one treats actors like this. We used to be treated worse than factory workers. Binaifer used to abuse and talk to everyone and when people used to complain, she used to give it back. Binaifer used to take our close up shots for 3-4 days and then in the end used to complaint that we don’t give her dates. I used to keep waiting at my house for her call. When I complained, she would scold me. She used to tell us that we don’t care about the quality, we just have to give the episode on time.”

Sameksha also claimed that she went through an emotional trauma because of that and added, “I worked in that show for 1-2 years and went through a lot of emotional trauma. Our director was Pawan Sahu at that time and he used to abuse a lot. He behaved badly with the girls. Little girls also used to be on the sets. They used to come and ask about the meaning of some ‘bad’ words hurled at them by the director. When we complained to Binaifer about it, she would say that is how it works.”

Alleging that flirting is normal in TV industry, she said that her main concern was the toxic set environment.

Sameksha states, “Our industry is such that people flirt and comment, but we know how to handle it our way. So, I never made an issue. For me the bigger deal was the set’s environment. Apart from abusing, Binaifer used to create misunderstanding amongst actors which was wrong. She used to record our conversation, manipulate it and tell a different story to others. She always wanted to divide and rule.”

The actress also revealed that she wasn’t paid appropriately and cleared that she is not supporting Shilpa but is only standing up for truth.

Sameksha also revealed that she had also filed a complaint against Binaifer but eventually gave up after a year to focus on her career.

The actress alleges, “She (Benaifer) openly accepts this. She tells everyone to accept what amount she is giving else she won’t give that too. She treated everyone like her slave. She used to threaten everyone for ruining their image in public. After I filed the case, a legal case was filed against me as well. I fought for one year and then gave up. I want to concentrate on my career now. But I don’t want that Shilpa also gives up. I am not coming in support for only Shilpa but for the truth and for everyone who has gone through this.”