Aditya and Katrina’s long drive!

Aditya and Katrina’s long drive!
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OMG! Have you seen the gorgeous Katrina and oh-so handsome Aditya driving this super hot red merc?

Well well, the duo didn’t actually go on a long drive. The actors got snapped in this red Mercedes while shooting a driving sequence for their upcoming film ‘Fitoor’. The actress, who plays the character Firdaus in the film, recently got her hair dyed red. And you can see in the pictures, Katrina’s red hair swaying as Aditya drives the car with his killer attitude.

While the cast and crew members get ready for the shoot, Katrina and Aditya seems to recall their scene.

‘Ugly’ actor Rahul Bhat also stars in the film and ‘Fitoor’ will showcase a love triangle between Aditya, Katrina and Rahul.