“Actors Are A Dime A Dozen These Days” – Jasskaran Singh

“Actors Are A Dime A Dozen These Days” – Jasskaran Singh

Good looking actor and cousin of Karan Singh Grover – Jasskaran Singh is quite happy with coming back to screen with Color’z show , Ishq Ka Rang Safed. “ Viplav’s (lead actor Mishal Raheja) friend Raj does not have much to do right now, you know how dailies work, it takes time for various character’s to unravel. ”

Here Jasskaran who first gained prominence with Miley Jab Hum Tum further informs us that besides acting he is also the creative of the above Film Farm show . “ I really like lead actor Mishal Raheja as an actor for he gives more then two hundred percent. This stint behind the camera is doing me a whole world of good . I am learning all the ropes of serial making . One day I aim to become director . ”

When asked why we don’t see him often on screen? He relied matter off fact “ I did not get work . After Mile Jab wrapped up , I got Rang Badalti Odhani in jiffy. But once that Yash Patnaik show wrapped up in four months, I stopped getting calls. It was not also about money for I was happy with Miley Jab and Odhani scales. All those who actors who claim that they are not getting good roles are lying . The truth is they have no work . Any upcoming actor who quibble’s on money is a fool, for if you decline a role for say 8000 per day there are 10 others willing to take your place. TV actors are a dime a dozen these days. ”

Going on Jasskaran said ,“ So then I decided to hone my other skills I also tried script writing along with well known writer Guatam Hedge who was impressed by improvisation abilities (Would write Miley as well) . But I was not comfortable doing the same with other’s. I then produced a coupe of shows for Food channel. After a hard struggle’s I again smelt success with Do Dil… Ek Jaan where I was next to the hero. Soon this Life Ok project ended as well and I was again back to square one . Realizing that life is full circle, I decided to opt for plan B – creative. There is so much you can do. Unlike other creative’s I am very much hands on and have earned the respect of my producers. ”

In closing Jasskaran admits, “ Actually for a while when things went really sour, I was even contemplated giving up acting and taking up a full- fledged corporate job. But soon changed my mind as once you join the entertainment industry, you can’t quit. To run my kitchen I opened a shack in Goa and several of my small screen actors friend’s frequent my outlet. Once Karan Tacker acted as bar tender making my customers happy.”