Aamir’s PK poster put Sunny Leone to shame: Pooja Bhatt lashes out

Aamir’s PK poster put Sunny Leone to shame: Pooja Bhatt lashes out

After Russell Peters, Pooja Bhatt has lashed out at Aamir Khan with regard to his comments about the AIB Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

Pooja Bhatt romanced Aamir in the yesteryear’s super romantic ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin’ but that has not stopped the actor from slamming her co-star in a recent chat with a popular daily.

Pooja, whose half sister Alia attended the AIB roast and has had a FIR lodged against her, did not appear to be worried about the same. She feels such cases are “frivolous and absurd cases filed by bullies to trouble people and waste the time of the courts that have more important cases to deal with.”

However on the Aamir’s recent comments on the roast which he called “violent” have irked the National Award winning actor, “I feel it’s hypocritical self-styled moralists and the Aamir Khans of the world, who are more frightening and injurious. I am appalled at his sudden self-righteous mode. He has completely forgotten his body of work – the double meaning song, Bhaag DK Bose – in Delhi Belly, and the PK poster where he left nothing to the imagination, putting Sunny Leone to shame!”

She also remembered how there had been an obscenity case filed against her for kissing on screen but stressed on how she, and the others involved in that case, had taken it head on.