7 Reasons Why Deepika Empowers Us

7 Reasons Why Deepika Empowers Us

Sexism and women’s place in society has been a topic of discussion for a long time now. Recently a lot of celebrities have been seen raising their voices in this aspect. Deepika Padukone and team also launched a women empowerment video recently in association with Vogue. However, this project generated a lot of flak on social media sites. I, as a fan, stand by Deepika though and have put together 10 ways in which Deepika has empowered me as a woman.

When Deepika spoke openly about mental illness

Recently the glamorous actress spoke about her struggle with depression. The talented actress openly spoke about her experience with depression and how she dealt with it. She also encouraged people to ask for help if they are going through such issues. Furthermore, the actress also explained about her plans to open a clinic to help people dealing with depression.

When Deepika stood up for herself and took on a media giant

Last year a tabloid decided it would be juicy gossip to publish a picture of the superstar’s cleavage with the headline “Deepika shows cleavage”. The actress did not take this lying down. She took on the media giant head on, and got a lot of support from one and all.

Handling personal relationships boldly

Deepika has been bold and unapologetic about personal relationships. Though she has become more tight-lipped about personal affairs now, Deepika was once open about her relationships. When she was dating Ranbir Kapoor, she announced it to the world and also got a RK tattoo on her neck. She still sports this and is not worried about some questions that may come her way for sporting it. Deepika’s don’t care attitude towards haters makers her empowered as a woman, as per my opinion.

Never give up attitude

Deepika started with a boom in the industry with her super hit film OSO. But after that the actress saw a dip in her hits, and a consecutive line of flops. However, she didn’t give up and kept going, which later resulted in her giving some smashing performances and making her one of the biggest stars in Bollywood.

Emerging as a power house actor

Be it the nerdy Naina from Yeh Jaawani hai deewani, the feisty Leela in Ram Leela or the working daughter in Piku,the actress has always tried new roles to depict various types of women in society, and to encourage women hood so they can embrace who they are and be proud.

Endorsing a healthy lifestyle

Deepika has stayed away from the ‘size zero’ tag and has always advocated a healthy lifestyle. This is definitely a huge inspiration for the ladies who idolize Bollywood women.

Being an independent woman

Deepika came to Mumbai at the age of 18, and got into Bollywood without the use of nepotism. The actress is a model to independent women, living alone and working in the field she always aspired to be in.