5 things Shahid Kapoor’s fan girls are going through

5 things Shahid Kapoor’s fan girls are going through
Cursing her own luck: 
If Shahid had chosen to marry a film star, a co-star or anybody from the fraternity, we wouldn’t be feeling so depressed. It’s just the thought of a common girl, just like us, marrying her crush that makes us want to kill ourselves. We are honestly cursing our luck. But in between all the ‘what-ifs’ and loud sighs, we would like to wish Mira a healthy and happy beginning.
Why am I not more spiritual?
Hand to heart, didn’t this thought cross your mind immediately after knowing that Shahid was marrying a girl he met at a spiritual centre? OMG! Why didn’t we listen to our mothers more and go for satsangs and other holy gatherings? We could have met our dream man too. Just to make you feel more miserable than you already do, the two’s families met at Radha Soami Satsang Beas and sparks instantly flew between Mira and Shahid. Awww.
I am never marrying my filmy crush! 
Stop wailing, ladies. We hear you. This is what million other sisters are going through, okay? Shahid was our last chance at the hopelessly romantic fairytale love story of us marrying our celluloid crush. Remember the time when he declared that he would definitely be marrying a non-industry girl? And how our hopes soared through the sky? But poof! He has been snatched away by a Delhi-based student who’s a good decade younger than the star. There, there! Take this tissue, girls!
I am never going to be famous: 
It’s one thing to do something epic and be known by all, but when you’re known solely by the virtue of your husband-to-be’s fame, the kick is a lot different! It’s like the whole world is scrutinizing your every move and internally giving you the ‘eye-roll’ for taking our dream man away. But, hey! We wanted to be THAT girl who’s not a star, but married to an award-winning actor. Because the last time we checked, she was the most searched girl on Delhi campuses and social media pages.
I will be in a pool water, if anybody needs me: 
Yes, that’s what we all are going through. We don’t want to talk or meet anybody. We don’t even want to stalk the news for Sasha’s grand celebration. It’s simply sadistic on everybody’s part to splash his wedding info right on the landing pages.