5 Manik – Nandini Moments That Made Our Hearts Melt.

5 Manik – Nandini Moments That Made Our Hearts Melt.
This couple became the epitome of young love with their love-hate relationship and the romance that followed.
Here are a few moments Manik and Nandini shared on the show that gave us the feels.
When Manik kissed Nandini on the forehead instead of her lips.
Followed by the eyes, then meaningful gazing into each other’s eyes before locking lips. Must be true love.
And when Nandini returned the gesture quite beautifully.
Can they get any cuter?
When Manik proposed to Nandini in a very cheesy way and yet we didn’t cringe.
How could we? It was the cutest proposal I’ve ever seen on television after all!
When Manik & Nandini played Holi and added more colour to our celebrations.
Manik leaned in, and touched his coloured cheek to Nandini’s. Boys and girls, that’s how you play holi with your lovely! *winks*
When Nandini and Manik dived into the pool of love and drowned further in each other’s eyes.
What would I do to get a love like this! *sigh*
Thank you Nandini and Manik, for restoring our faith in true love yet again.