5 Coolest BFF Jodis On MTV.

5 Coolest BFF Jodis On MTV.

These 5 jodis have given us all major friendship goals!

1) Raghu – Rannvijay

Rannvijay was just another youngster when he won the first season of Roadies. That’s when he meet Raghu, the creator Roadies, started. Their friendship blossomed over the years and how. ‘Donny and Raghu’s banter is what made watching Roadies so much fun for 11 odd years.
2) Parth – Ayaz
Parth Samthaan and Ayaz Ahmed’s Jodi was loved by all the fans of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. They have known each other since before the beginning of KYY and their friendship is just too cute! 
3) Anmol – Shambhavi 
Anmol and Shambhavi were amongst the most memorable BFFs ever! The way the duo planned, plotted and played their games on Roadies 5 inspired the next generation of Roadies to no end.
4) Mohit – Suchit
Mohit and Suchit’s friendship was so damn inspirational! They battled it out on the field and they displayed the deep bond of their friendship in the voteouts. And remember the time they stripped for a task? They were beyond Chaddi buddies!
5) Karan – Rannvijay
Karan, who became a part of Roadies X2, instantly hit it off with Rannvijay! Their public bromance is very relatable to everyone who has a “BRO” in their lives. 
We just have one thing to say: Sadaa Dost Raho! God bless your amazing friendship.

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