Watch: Neetu Kapoor dancing away to glory in this Instagram post

Watch: Neetu Kapoor dancing away to glory in this Instagram post

There are good days and there are bad days and looks like, Neetu Kapoor is in a happy mood. And while we dig deep into knowing RK ki mother ki khushi ka karan, we thought of sharing her supremely cute post on social media. Wearing a hat and smiling from ear to ear, Neetu Kapoor rocks this dude look and we totally love it.

While daddy Rishi Kapoor’s social media posts are in news for all the not-so-right reasons, Mommy dear is a happy soul and loves to share all the happy moments of her life. Recently, Neetu Kapoor posted a Holi throwback picture with Ranbir Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor as kids. But today, the actress is in a different space and posted a video where she is dancing, grooving to some to-die-for-dance-moves and basically, enjoying the hell out. Neetu Kapoor took to Instagram and posted a video which read, “Some days when u feel happy for no reason.” We love you, dear Neetu Kapoor, and you know it, right?

Neetu Kapoor is fifty eight but guess, Bryan Adams ‘18-Till-I-Die’ suits this actress, who clearly, refuses to age. Just like the caricature of Neetu Kapoor in the video, we are sure that in real life, too, Neetu Kapoor can dance and give all the young batch of actresses a run for their money.

Yes, we are very happy that you’re happy but we’d love to know the reason behind your unconditional happiness and enthusiasm. Well, we hope to hear from you, super soon, Mrs Kapoor!

Some days when u feel happy for no reason 💃🏻🤣

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