WATCH: Here’s Akshay Kumar’s message to those who defecate in open

WATCH: Here’s Akshay Kumar’s message to those who defecate in open

Akshay Kumar is known to be one of the most outspoken persons in B-Town. From talking about peace to Swacch Bharat, the actor doesn’t mince his words while urging the people to take up the social initiatives.

Akshay is back with another video and this time he is seen advocating for clean India campaign. Akshay while raising concern over the lack of toilets in the country requests people to donate a certain amount toward construction of toilets so that our country can become open-defecation free.

He warned the viewers that after this might seem gross but it is a reality which we need to confront and talk about. “Dimag Hil Gaya Hai” he said after reading facts during the research for his upcoming movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.

He further added that, “There will be some who would accuse him of using this platform as an opportunity to promote my upcoming movie but I want to tell them, yes I am making this picture so that the topic is widely publicized. I don’t care what people think.”

“Defecation is something no one has control over. Imagine more than half of the population in the country especially ladies cannot go to attend nature’s call when they want to because they don’t have proper toilets built at their homes. Since they have to defecate in open, ladies who we subjugate in the name of honour, can’t go during the daytime and are forced to do it early in the morning, irrespective of the season,” a concerned Akshay said.

The actor further said that over 54% of the population take to farms and other places to defecate, which is in itself shameful. “The government had even made over 10 lakh toilets but people have used them as store rooms because of their pre-conceived notions,” the Mogul actor added.

Urging the people who give huge donations for spiritual purposes, Akshay said, “Can you just give 10% of it for the construction of toilets so that the women and girls in your family don’t have to suffer?”

For those who have toilets and don’t flush, Akshay has a message for you. ” Please pull your ears and put a note behind the door which reminds you to FLUSH. Also, please WASH YOUR HANDS properly,” Akshay concluded.