Trivia Alert: Cousin Mannara Chopra was Priyanka’s first choice for Sarvann!

Trivia Alert: Cousin Mannara Chopra was Priyanka’s first choice for Sarvann!

After Marathi film Ventilator, Priyanka Chopra as we know produced her first Punjabi film Sarvann, which released this January. While the lead actress was played by Simi Chahal, Mannara Chopra, Pee Cee’s young cousin, recently revealed that the role was first offered to her.

The 25-year-old said, “My aunt Madhu Chopra was there in Hyderabad for the screening of my South film, which was release the following day. She told me how she and Priyanka were happy with the way my career was shaping up and discussed Sarvann with me. It was being made on a grand scale and the role was brilliant but I couldn’t do it because of my commitments for my next south film.”

Speaking to a leading daily Mannara also opened up on her bond with big sister Pee Cee and told that the 34-year-old always shows interest in her career.

Says the Zid star, “Everytime I meet her, the first thing I have to spell out is what is happening next in my career. She understands me well. I have never felt the need to reach out to her, but if I do get stuck somewhere, she will be the first person I would call.”

“She had done our family proud by achieving so much,” she added.

Mannara who is all set to star in her third South film, Puri Jagannadh’s Rogue, cleared that family comes first for Priyanka and that she always looks out for them.

She elaborates, “It has always been family first for all of us. When my last film in the South was released, her whole family including her mother, was there. Now before my upcoming release, my aunt and everyone from the family, would like to see it before its official release.”

How sweet is that!