Tamil Nadu politics: Rajinikanth supports NO ONE in the coming bypoll

Tamil Nadu politics: Rajinikanth supports NO ONE in the coming bypoll

Ever since former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa was admitted to hospital to her unfortunate demise, Tamil Nadu has been making news for the prevalent political crisis in the state.

Now the bypoll of RK Nagar (which was Jayalalithaa’s constituency) is to be held after her death, and superstar Rajinikanth’s opinion is what is said to massively influence the masses.

Many of his fans even expressed their desire for Rajinikanth to hold the CM’s chair, however, the megastar has always shied away from entering politics, for reasons known good to him.

Well, the biggest example of his mass appeal is evident when the AIADMK party lost the elections in 1996 after Rajinikanth had warned against electing her [Jayalalilithaa] to power. “If Jayalalithaa is voted back to power, even God cannot save Tamil Nadu,” Rajinikanth had said. Well, what happened next is history!

As soon as photos of Rajinikanth with acclaimed music composer Gangai Amaran, BJP’s candidate from RK Nagar, started doing the rounds, speculations were made of his possible alliance with BJP.

One must remember that the RK Nagar bypoll is of much significance to the TN politics as both bothfractions of AIADMK led by Sasikala and O Paneersalvem respectively have fielded their candidates.

Well, Rajinikanth has finally put to rest all the speculations. Taking to twitter, Rajinikanth wrote, “My support is for no one in the coming elections.”

Well, so it’s clear now! It would be interesting to see who wins this battle!