Shahid Kapoor SHOCKED after fan spots goosebumps on his hand during a scene in Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor SHOCKED after fan spots goosebumps on his hand during a scene in Kabir Singh

Regardless of the controversy, one has to agree that Shahid Kapoor was fantastic in Kabir Singh. The actor played the new-age angry young man in the Sandeep Vanga Reddy directorial and shattered some box office records. Several scenes in the movie moved audiences, leaving fans of the actor in awe. However, a fan recently took to social media to point out a particular scene from Kabir Singh to prove that there is no actor like Shahid and the observation left Shahid impressed.

A Twitter user took to the social media platform to share a screenshot from Kabir Singh to show that Shahid had literal goosebumps in a particular scene from the movie. The scene in discussion is from the climax. Kabir learns that Preeti is pregnant with his child. An emotional Kabir immediately hugs the love of his life and tears up. The scene is so emotionally driven that Shahid’s arm sees goosebumps.

The fan shared the observation on Twitter and said, “When the actor brings the character to life and feels his emotions, the audience will be glued to the screen. @shahidkapoor actually had goosebumps when #KabirSingh got to know that he’s going to be a father. Respect, Shahid.” Shahid responded, “Even I didn’t notice that. The director Sandeep told me after he saw the edit. Amazing that you caught it.”

What did you think of Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Speaking with PTI, Shahid said Kabir Singh changed the audience’s perception. “I must’ve gone through phases where even my parents probably really disliked me. If I’m playing a character why should I be not showing all those facets? Why should we create this bubblegum reality which doesn’t exist. Today a film which is so real and raw is making Rs 280 crore. We need to wake up and realise that the audience wants to see a little bit of the truth. They don’t want to watch single-dimensional films.”

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