Shahid Kapoor: Most of the times Misha’s smelly diapers come to me

Shahid Kapoor: Most of the times Misha’s smelly diapers come to me
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are one of the most talked about couples in B-Town. The duo recently became proud parents to their little munchkin Misha and have been treating us with adorable pictures of their daughter.
Talking at the India Today Woman Summit 2017, Shahid revealed that he was suffering from an empathetic pregnancy when Mira was pregnant. Yes!
An empathetic pregnancy is a condition wherein the husband goes through the same symptoms of pregnancy as experienced by his wife. He even insisted that it’s nice to say that ‘we’ were pregnant than just saying Mira was pregnant. 
“It’s nice to say ‘we’ were pregnant because it gives you a sense of participation and responsibility.” He even added that when Mira was in labour he felt the pain as well. “When she was in labour, I held my breath. At one point, I got dizzy and she whacked me and said, ‘Why are you getting dizzy? I’m doing all the work here,” Shahid said.
The actor also shared his experience of turning a new father and described parenting to be one of the most enriching experiences of his life. “There is a lot to learn. Parenting is one of the most enriching and beautiful experiences of my life. Misha is this wonderful package of positivity which I wake up to every morning, even on my worse day. I hope to be a good father.”
He further added that while Mira handles the situation really calmly, he is very hyper. “I have been told that I am over-involved (in the parenting of Misha) and I need to be calm.” Well, we feel you, Shahid.
Wonder if the actor changes Misha’s diapers? Well, the answer is yes! “Many times I have changed her diaper. Most of the time, her smelly diapers have come to me,” Shahid said.
Apart from this, Shahid also revealed that he cannot really sing lullabies and therefore keeps getting fired by his wife because of this. Isn’t this cute?
Shahid and Mira got married on July 7, 2015 and fell irrevocably in love with each other during Mira’s pregnancy.