Salman Khan recalls his mischievous school days, reveals he was thrown out of class for no fault of his

Bharat co-stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have been going all out to promote the film. With just a few days to go before the big release on Eid this year, the stars came together for television’s popular comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. Salman’s grand entry on a bike was unmissable and the two stars had tons of stories to tell. Speaking about their movie, Salman fooled around and said, “Bharat needs to make triple the money of Tubelight this Eid.”

Salman and Katrina also shook a leg on the stage and spoke about their marriage plans. Recalling his childhood days, Salman revealed that his teacher would often punish him and throw him out of the classroom. “Once my father (Salim Khan) was passing by and seeing me out on the corridor asked exasperatedly what mischief I had got into. I confessed that even I didn’t know the reason this time,” the actor said.

He added, that his father later learnt that the reason was because Salman’s school fees wasn’t paid on time. “The very next day my father paid the fees and the teacher apologised.” Since Salman doesn’t have children of his own, Kapil asked the actor about his equation with kids. Salman’s answer cracked everyone up when he said, “All my nephews, nieces and grandsons have at different times peed on me.”

Salman and Katrina have starred in five movies so far and their chemistry has never failed to wow the audience. Bharat is slated to release on Eid, June 5.