Richa supports Sonakshi Sinha in the Armaan Mallik row: Artists are artists

Richa supports Sonakshi Sinha in the Armaan Mallik row: Artists are artists

Bollywood is always brimming with fresh controversies and the latest one being Kailesh Kher not comfortable with the idea of Sonakshi Sinha performing with Justin Bieber during his India concert.

Like any other controversy, people pick their sides. So, when Kailesh Kher got vocal about his thoughts, Armaan Mallik supported his idea and eventually got into a Twitter rant with the Dabangg actress.

Now, amidst all the hustle, Richa Chadha also spoke about controversy at an event and indirectly picked Sonakshi’s team.

When asked whether singers should only sing and actors should only stick to acting, the Masaan actress said, “No I don’t think that’s true, because some singers also act. Like, Sonu Nigam has acted, Sukhwinder Singh has acted, Monali Thakur has acted, there are so many good looking singers who can act, and there are so many good looking actors who can sing. Artistes are artistes.”

She continued, “There should be enough freedom, if someone wants to make a painting, or sing, or dance. People should be allowed to do what they want to do. I don’t think an actor can ever replace a professional singer because their training, their ‘riyaaz’ is their craft and nobody can take that away from them.”

It was Sonakshi Sinha who confronted Armaan Mallik saying that “A secure artist would always encourage another artist to grow their skills and follow their dreams. Art in any form should not be suppressed.” Reacting to her tweet, both exchanged a few heated tweets when eventually Sonakshi posted recently that she is not performing at Justin Bieber’s concert anyway.