Rangoon runs into a legal trouble; Roy Wadia files a commercial suit against Vishal Bhardwaj!

Rangoon runs into a legal trouble; Roy Wadia files a commercial suit against Vishal Bhardwaj!

Rangoon has been in news ever since it has been announced. Well, Vishal Bhardwaj’s directorial has landed into a legal mess where Film production firm Wadia Movietone Pvt. Ltd. has filed a commercial suit against the film n the Bombay High Court.

Roy Wadia has said that Kangana who plays the character of Julia in Rangoon is basically based on Australian stunt actress Mary Evans and who was also known as Fearless Nadia. Going by the report in a leading tabloid, the sole rights to scripts and posters for Fearless Nadia has been with them and according to the film (Rangoon), Vishal had made character Julia very similar to Nadia from her costumes to even using the phrase “Bloody Hell”.

Well, the story is that Wadia wanted to make a film on Nadia but back in 2006, things just didn’t work in favour. When the news came that UTV and Vishal have collaborated to make a film on similar lines, Wadia contacted Vishal and who then assured him that Julia is no way close to Nadia.

But soon Wadia got to know that the film is being made around Nadia and then he even told the filmmakers that he’ll file a case if they continue with it. Back then, Disney UTV, which was then headed by Siddharth Roy Kapur, confirmed that project will not be taken further.

In 2016, the filmmakers announced Rangoon and after seeing the trailer, Wadia was confirmed that Julia is based on Nadia. Wadia’s counsel Priyanka Khamani confirmed the news, saying, “We have filed a commercial suit. The matter comes up for hearing on February 20.”

A member of the film’s cast told the tabloid, “Kangana was advised to watch ‘Hunterwali’ (a famous 1935 Nadia stunt film), and the stylists told to reference her dressing for Kangana, who plays Julia. Some of the male characters also resemble those from Nadia’s life.”

A source close to the Wadias said, “Vishal was going to helm the original project planned by UTV Disney and it was to star German actress Franka Potente. But the project fell through because of casting problems. To the Wadias, it seems that ‘Rangoon’ is the same film now revived, for which they haven’t been consulted or credited. Roy divides his time between New York and Bangkok. In the second week of February, he flew down to Mumbai to discuss details of the case before taking a final decision on the matter.”

Well, Rangoon, which was to hit the screens on February 24, has fallen into a legal trouble. Will it affect the release? Tell us in the comments below!