Promise Day 2019: New age promises you should make to your special someone

Promise Day 2019: New age promises you should make to your special someone

The week of love is here. The time when couples get together, heart balloons are in every nook and corner of the city and lovebirds unite. Each day in the week before the big Valentine’s Day is significant for something. Today is the Promise Day. There are many cliche promises that couples tend to make to each other where “I will always love you” is the most common. But we have curated a list of promises all new age couples should make to each other and keep up to!

Promise to not watch another episode of the series you two started together without the other

Get over watching movies together, it is time to watch those amazing shows available on the multiple streaming platforms together! But if you’re starting to watch a show together, you both must vow to not watch a single episode without the other – it is only fair!

Promise to like each others social media posts
Lets be honest, we all have reputations on social media that we’d like to keep. And if we say we don’t count the number of likes we get, we are kidding nobody but ourselves. That’s exactly where this promise comes in handy. Now that you have a partner, you already know that you will always have that one default like and one cheesy comment that will make your heart melt!

Promise to kiss each other despite morning breath

This might seem a little gross, but since you have already witnessed both the best and worst sides of your partner, what is this one more? Promise to give them a big smooch every morning rather than being anal about things, making them brush and then showing affection. Time to switch things up a bit!

Promise to take fake candid pictures of each other
Who doesn’t love those fake candids where it seems like you’re totally into your food or reading that book, but you were actually posing for that photo? This time make a promise to take those artsy fake candids for each other and help increase each others likes and followers!

Promise to always share your food

Ever underestimated your hunger and ordered way lesser than you actually could eat and ended up picking fries off from your partner’s plate leaving them annoyed? Maybe, this time onwards be open to sharing your food with the poor hungry soul who thought their stomach was smaller?

Promise to not hog all the data from your wifi connection
There may be days when you don’t feel like heading into work and want to chill at home and catch up on some shows. But be considerate about your partner. When they get home, they’ll want to watch their shows as well, right? And what is life without wifi these days? Be considerate and don’t use up all the data (even if you can) to show your partner how much you care.

Promise to never stop making fun of each other

Nobody likes too much seriousness. Plus, roasting your partner and making fun of them when they do something stupid or embarrassing is so much fun in itself! Don’t let go of the the opportunity to pull their leg or make fun of them whether it is in private or even better – in public!

Call out each other’s bullshit
Let’s get real – we’re living in a time when being more open to new ideas is the new norm. Your partner is being too racist or sexist? Call them out. Its better you call them out in private and correct them rather than them going out and making politically incorrect statements, isn’t it!

Promise to take care of yourself

Nobody likes it when their partner falls sick. It is worrying, tiring and can get nerve wrecking as well. This time, promise to take care of yourself for your partner – with all the things they have to deal with and worry about, you don’t want to be one of them. Instead, take care of yourself and be by their side, helping them deal with their other problems and laughing together at the world!

Standing by each other (even when the other is wrong) in public
It is always better to show a united front unless they are saying something totally scandalous that leaves you aghast. When there are people trying to put your partner down, support them and stand by them to show them that they are not alone.

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