Oops! KRK Talks Crass about Alia, Sidharth asks him to Shut Up!

Oops! KRK Talks Crass about Alia, Sidharth asks him to Shut Up!
Kamaal R. Khan is known for passing lewd and crass comments on anything and everything, especially when it comes to Bollywood movies and the movie celebs. He recently got on to twitter and posted a rather insulting comment for Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra’s latest photo shoot for Vogue magazine.
On the cover, Alia is seen posing with Sidharth, while she flaunts her bikini body. While the normal junta cannot stop raving about her oh-so-hot look, KRK shared a rather tasteless comment.
He posted, “Alia looks so Bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it.”
This tweet left Sidharth Malhotra fuming and he decided to reply KRK in his style. Sid replied, “Sir ! We also try very hard to tell u to shut up but u keep tweeting ! @kamaalrkhan.”
The twitter war didn’t end here and KRK went on to reply further, “Sir Ji @S1dharthM 130Cr ppl of India also try very hard to tell you to stop acting but you keep doing films to harass them.”
To this, Sid posted, “I think u need English reading classes sir! ,as u didn’t read and understand my previous tweet!”
Not one to stay quiet, KRK further added, “HAHAHAHAHA! Ok I will come to learn from you soon because  you @S1dharthM are educated from Delhi idea institute.”
Well, all we can say is Sid surely knows how to shut people who pass snide remarks!