Mindy Kaling mercilessly roasts Stephen Colbert after his Apple watch cuts her off; Read on

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert had an oops moment when his Apple watch went off while guest Mindy Kaling was speaking. This just gave Mindy a great chance to roast the host of the show, Stephan Colbert. Mindy was on the show and was discussing her experience of sharing the screen with the Late Night co-star Emma Thompson. This could have been such a sweet moment had the host’s watch not interrupted them for notification by Marriot Hotels, and Colbert could not shut the notification noise in time.

What is even funnier is what happens next. The host, Stephen Colbert gets mercilessly trolled by Kaling. The incident happened in such a way that Colbert got a phone call on his watch and he had forgotten to put the watch on sleep mode. To which Kaling said that Colbert had ruined her chance of describing the experience of working with Emma Thompson. Colbert was embarrassed and hid his face in his palms and did not know how else to respond.

Kaling jumped in to add that Colbert being a well to do personality does not require a rewards program. The jokes did not stop there, Colbert emphasized that he became rich by using the reward programs. But, Kaling was not ready to give in just yet. She kept the jokes flooding in till Colbert finally apologized for the mishap. Yet this was not the end to Colbert misery on is own show, Kaling went ahead and said that Colbertsecretly hoped that he had accepted those reward points and did not lose out on promotional freebies.