Me Too movement: Mumbai court ORDERS Alok Nath to be present for the next hearing, says he is the main person

Me Too movement: Mumbai court ORDERS Alok Nath to be present for the next hearing, says he is the main person

In the wake of the Me Too movement, TV writer-producer Vinta Nanda had accused Alok Nath of rape and sexual harassment about 19 years ago. Ever since Nanda accused Alok Nath, a lot of actresses have come out in the open and accused Alok Nath of sexual harassment. In one of the latest developments, on Wednesday, Vinta Nanda made an official police complaint against Alok Nath in Mumbai. After filing the complaint, Vinta Nanda said that the police complaint has been accepted by the police and thanked the officials for their help.

While Vinta Nanda admitted that it wasn’t easy to recount the whole event which took place in the 90s, however, Nanda is happy that the entire process went smoothly. However, as reported by DNA, a Mumbai court didn’t pass an interim order and allowed writer-producer, who accused actor Alok Nath of rape and violence, to use social media to comment on the ordeal and the allegations against the actor.

Few days back, Alok Nath had filed a Rs. 1 defamation case against writer-producer Vinta Nanda. Earlier, while talking to a news channel, Alok Nath’s lawyer, Ashok Saraogi dismissed all the charges leveled against his client and said that Alok Nath will speak at an appropriate time. But on Wednesday, while hearing Alok Nath’s defamation suit, the court questioned Alok Nath’s lawyers for Nath’s absence. While the court asked Alok Nath’s lawyers to make necessary amendments in the suit, owing to technical errors in it, the court dismissed his lawyer’s plea to exempt Alok Nath to be present in the court. “Alok Nath’s lawyer asked for the actor’s exemption to be present in the court, to which the defence objected stating that he is the main person and needs to be present. The court also objected to his absence and asked him to be present in the next hearing, which is slated to be held on October 25,” as quoted by DNA.

In retrospect, Vinta Nanda had recounted her account of rape on Facebook detailing the years of isolation, trauma and depression that she endured. today as we speak, Vinta Nanda stands fearless as she had said, “I am fearless today because I have spoken what I had to and I’ve let it out.”

Vinta Nanda was the writer and producer of Tv serial Tara, in which Alok Nath played a lead role.


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