Kangana Ranaut – Vishal Bharadwaj is very sensitive

Kangana Ranaut – Vishal Bharadwaj is very sensitive

National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut, who has shared screen space with actors Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in Vishal Bhardwajs “Rangoon”, says the filmmaker is a very sensitive person.

Kangana, who has worked with Bhardwaj for the first time, says the director never used to shout on sets even when he was upset.

“He doesn’t scream, but he gets upset a lot. Like, he is very sensitive. He won’t shout or get angry but he will just get upset,” Kangana said on TV show “Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2”.

“It’s on his face that he’s upset or he isn’t liking it, he won’t say anything but one can see. You will understand he’s upset just by looking at his face,” she added.

“Rangoon” released on Friday.

Shahid, who joined Kangana on the show, said: “With me usually it happens lesser. He (Bhardwaj) doesn’t shout or loses temper but he is definitely sensitive. I have already done three films (with him), so I understand and work around how he wants it but for first timer it’s different.”

The episode of “Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2”, featuring Kangana and Shahid, will be aired on Saturday on Zoom.