Kangana Ranaut talks about campaigns against her by ‘nepotism gangs’ & why sister Rangoli slams them

Kangana Ranaut talks about campaigns against her by ‘nepotism gangs’ & why sister Rangoli slams them

If Bollywood has any actor who has managed to make a name for herself all by herself, then Kangana Ranaut’s name comes to mind. The star of films like Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, Manikarnika and many more, has always been loved by audiences and her hard work has paid off again and again. However, with every film, Kangana also faced many controversies. Be it footage of riding a wooden horse being released before the release of Manikarnika or some co-stars speaking up against her, Kangana has faced it all.

Amidst this, Kangana’s sister and manager, Rangoli Chandel has always stood up against such controversies on social media and has slammed the people she thinks are responsible for it. Now, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kangana also opened up against the ‘nepotism gang’ and their ‘smear campaigns’ being run to tarnish her name. Also, Kangana revealed why her sister slams them on social media. Kangana mentioned that right from the start, everything was done to gang up against her.

She revealed that when she was training to ride a horse for Manikarnika, two actors from ‘nepotism gang’ were also learning it at the same place. She mentioned that she was able to do stunts with horses in no time but the other actors weren’t able to and hence, didn’t come back. However, she said that she knows who released the footage of her riding a wooden horse post Manikarnika release and it was an attempt made in jealousy by the actors who used to come to the race course.

Talking about her co-stars Sonu Sood and Mishti speaking against her, Kangana said, “Mishti said she was asked to speak up, but who is making her speak? It’s all about ganging up against me. Sonu and I share a personal trainer. Again, situations were manipulated to force people to speak against me. Some trade experts were forced to show our film’s collections as half of the actual numbers. All the people who pretend that they don’t have PRs send the maximum number of mails against others. One smear campaign was started by Karan Johar’s gang against me by paying reviewers. When I talk about it, people think I sound like a loony character, but what option am I left with?”

Kangana also revealed that her sister Rangoli isn’t afraid of anything and that she doesn’t tell her to say anything. It is her own mind and her own initiative to speak against what she observed in the industry. Kangana said, “She is her own person and she has quietly observed all these industry people. Being an ostrich, keeping our eyes shut, has not helped us at all. So now she is completely at it.”

Meanwhile, Kangana is in Manali with her sister Rangoli and her family. The Manikarnika actor is on a mini vacay before she returns to prepare for her big release, Mental Hai Kya. Also, post her vacation, Kangana will shoot for Panga with Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. In Mental Hai Kya, Kangana will be seen with Rajkummar Rao and the film’s poster has already garnered a lot of attention. Directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, the film is being produced by Ekta Kapoor and is slated to release on July 26, 2019. Kangana’s other film Panga stars Richa Chaddha, Neena Gupta and Jassie Gill and will go on to release on January 24, 2019.