IIFA reveals why Aamir Khan’s Dangal is not part of nominations this year

IIFA reveals why Aamir Khan’s Dangal is not part of nominations this year

Aamir Khan’s Dangal roared at the box office after its release and also gained a worldwide popularity, thanks to the film’s great content and Aamir’s stardom. Even after becoming the highest grosser movie of all time in Bollywood, Dangal recently lost a few deserving National Awards and we are afraid the same might happen in IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) 2017.

The voting of IIFA, which goes through three to four stages, has already begun and as we know Aamir Khan’s blockbuster Dangal is not a part of the nominations. This is sad, right?

However, the reason behind this is that apparently, the team of Dangal has not filed any nominations from their end. Confirming the news, Andre Timmins, Director, Wizcraft International, the Producer and Creator of the IIFA movement said, “So basically, in IIFA, forms are sent to various production houses. They fill those forms up and send it back to us. Those forms are then put out to the industry for voting and from there it becomes a nomination.”

“So Dangal has not sent their entry in. We would love Dangal to be a part of it. I think it’s a movie that’s broken all records. We love Aamir Khan and the two little girls. They did a great job. But unfortunately, they didn’t send their entry in. We feel sad”, added Timmins.

IIFA Awards have now become one of the prestigious and authentic awards for Bollywood. A few days ago, the Bollywood brigade gathered under one roof to give their precious votes in Mumbai. IIFA, which honours the technical and professional excellence of Bollywood artists, will bring its 18th edition in New York this year.