I Offered to Leave ‘Kapoor & Sons’ at Least Twice: Rishi Kapoor’s Explosive Interview

I Offered to Leave ‘Kapoor & Sons’ at Least Twice: Rishi Kapoor’s Explosive Interview

Rishi Kapoor will soon be seen as an adorable 90 year old grandad in the soon to be release Kapoor and Sons. The movie, which stars Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt, is all set to release this weekend. Although the senior Kapoor is excited about the release, he mentions that he had a tough time shooting for the film and almost quite twice.

He said, “I didn’t have fun working for Shakun Batra in Kapoor & Sons. You see I worked for 30-32 days on this film. Not a single day passed when Shakun and I didn’t fight.It was not a creative fight. It was something else. We fought because I couldn’t agree with his method of working on my role. Shakun wanted to cover every shot of mine from many different angles. But I am an old-school spontaneous actor. I couldn’t recreate the same expression several times over for every shot. I respect all schools of acting. But I am not a method actor. With every successive shot I lose my spontaneity. This new style of working where actors give the same shot repeatedly from different angles has gained acceptance because in the digital era no raw stock is wasted. Because they’ve the facility of editing a film on a digital platform they want more software. Thereby actors have turned into robots. That’s not my way of working. I always have an edited pattern in my mind for my performances.”

He added, “I informed Karan Johar I was leaving. Please understand this was a very difficult role. For 13 hours I had to wear the makeup and emote in contact lenses, etc. I couldn’t do every shot from many angles. It was easy for the kids Alia, Siddharth, and Fawad as they don’t have any one particular style of working. Rajat and Ratna are from stage, they could do the same shot many times and yet make it look spontaneous. I was the odd one out. My spontaneity couldn’t be replicated over and over again. I’ve worked in 150 films. Ask the directors. They will tell you no two takes of mine are the same. I like to feel the lines. I emote with my heart. I respect method actors. But I am not one.”

He said, “I believe the same thing happened with my niece Kareena Kapoor when she worked with Shakun Batra in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. She called Karan Johar from Las Vegas complaining about Shakun’s style of working.”

Well, all’s well that ends well as the veteran actor is now looking forward to the big release. We’re sure he is brilliant in it, as always!