Game of Thrones Season 8: Here is the reason behind the ‘Mad Queen’ strategy of Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones Season 8: Here is the reason behind the ‘Mad Queen’ strategy of Daenerys Targaryen

The much awaited series Game of Thrones has witnessed a dramatic turn of events in its fifth episode which has shocked many of the fans of the show. The fifth episode of the show which has been named ‘The Bells’ witnessed the most significant war sequence in King’s Landing where Daenerys Targaryen arrives to defeat Cersei Lannister and her army. Things, however, did not turn out to be as they were expected. Although Tyrion asked Dany not to attack King’s Landing if the people of the city rang the bells to signal their surrender, the Targaryen girl did the alternate as she attacked the place even after the Lannister army surrendered.

This came as a shock for the GOT fans as they were not expecting something like this from the Dragon Queen. In fact, many of the fans expressed their displeasure over the portrayal of Dany’s character in a negative manner. Some of them even called her the ‘Mad Queen’ who followed the footsteps of her father, the Mad King. However, some of the fans justified Daenerys’ decision and called it a wise strategy to end her war with the Lannister army. In fact, the change in Dany’s character is showcased at the beginning of the episode when Jon Snow comes to meet her and convince her that he won’t be a threat to her throne. However, his denial of getting intimate with her instigates her anger which is evident when she says, ‘let there be fear.’

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Moreover, if we look back at the previous seasons, Daenerys has never hesitated to take some strict decisions when it comes to the question of taking back the Iron Throne. We cannot even forget the fact that her marriage with Khal Drogo was also a part of a political alliance to get back the Iron Throne. So, it can be said that Dany’s reaction to the ringing of the bells is a painful decision taken by a powerful leader in order to take back what she had lost.

However, it also cannot be denied that her character transition was too sudden and the scene of the bell ringing was a bit overdone.