EXCLUSIVE: Don’t need Aamir Khan’s approval to move the film’s release – Bhoomi producer Sandeep Singh

EXCLUSIVE: Don’t need Aamir Khan’s approval to move the film’s release – Bhoomi producer Sandeep Singh
If there is one thing that divides the entire industry then it is surely a clash between two big ticket films. 2017 witnessed a big clash when Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil locked horns with each other, leaving things messier between them.
But Sanjay Dutt clearly is averse from the idea of clashing his film. According to a report in a tabloid, Sanjay has requested the producers of his comeback film Bhoomi to postpone the release of his film as it is clashing with Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar.
The Omung Kumar directed affair was slated to release on August 4 along with Aamir Khan’s upcoming production that is being directed by his former manager Advait Chandan.
Dutt confirmed the news to the paper and said, “I know the kind of hard work and effort that goes into making a film. I believe, after all the work being put in, it can’t be reduced to a clash at the box office. Aamir is a dear friend and I wouldn’t want my comeback film to be pitted against his. In this industry, we should all make an effort to help each other.”
To check more on the story, we got in touch with Sandeep Singh, one of the producers of Bhoomi, who confirmed the news to us. Says Sandeep, “I completely agree with the vision of Baba that no one in the industry should ever clash. That has been the biggest issue in our industry. In politics, we know who is our enemy but in the film industry, we don’t know who is our enemy. Because everyone comes across as very sweet, polite and friendly. But look at Sanjay Dutt. He has always been friendly and supportive to his friends and has launched many director friends.”
He continues, “His image may be whatever, but he is a supportive actor on the set and this was his idea that Aamir is launching his friend as a director and the film is good and has a nice message which needs to spread, so we shouldn’t clash. By clashing we will only harm each other. It is better we move from August 4.
We can come on the scheduled date and it is not an issue because we have some 2500 screens to our credit. While that movie will come on 600 screens, just like Dhobi Ghat. So we can easily come. But clashing isn’t good and hence he doesn’t want to come. He feels we should support each other instead of cutting each other. And media also blows things out of proportion. They love to create clashes between the stars. We all mutually agreed on it and the new dates are being worked up.”
“It is Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film and hence we cannot come just like that. We have to see what is there on our date and what comes after our date. There are a lot of films that are announced. Like there is a movie called Crack, but the film got pushed. Every film has its destiny. If a film is good, then irrespective of its date, it will do well. A movie like Piku or Queen earned huge despite recording low opening numbers. What will we do by blocking the date? We shouldn’t hurry up in releasing the film. Instead, we should make a good film and then release it.”
Probe him if they have spoken to Aamir about the change in the release date of Bhoomi and pat comes the reply from Sandeep, “I don’t think if we have to move our film, then we have to take an approval from Aamir Khan. It is our film, our date, why should we speak to Aamir? Baba and Aamir are good friends for years now. And Sanjay Dutt has taken the first initiative to shift the date, so we all should support it.”