DeepVeer’s Heart-Warming Moments During an Awards Will Give You Goosebumps

DeepVeer’s Heart-Warming Moments During an Awards Will Give You Goosebumps

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are perhaps one of the cutest couples of B-town. Though they have not acknowledged their relationship openly, their undying love for each other is evident whenever they are together. The chemistry is crackling and the love and care for each other is shining bright whenever they are together. This became all the more evident during a recent awards night where Deepika and Ranveer both won the Best Actor awards for their spectacular performances.

When Ranveer Touched Deepika’s Parents’ Feet Before Receiving His Award

When Rekha announced Ranveer Singh as the Best Actor, the first thing that he did was touch his parents’ feet. He then hugged Amitabh Bachchan, who was also one of the nominees for the Best Actor award. Ranveer then proceeded to hug Deepika’s sister Anisha and touch Deepika’s parents’ feet. Aww, isn’t that adorable?

When Deepika Got all Teary Eyed During Ranveer’s Emotional Speech

Ranveer received his award with a lot of humility. The Bajirao actor gave an emotional speech and choked up while thanking his family. This got Deepika all teary eyes. The dimpled beauty looked on proudly as Ranveer wrapped up his heart-warming speech. A DeepVeer moment indeed!

The Hug

Saving the best for the last! After hugging his parents and Deepika’s parents and after accepting Big B’s wishes, Ranveer gave Deepika a warm hug before he went up to accept his award!

Ranveer’s Standing Ovation For Deepika

Deepika read out her dad’s letter amidst sobs while accepting her Best Actress award. Ranveer, who seemed to be bursting with pride, could not stop himself from giving his queen a standing ovation!

The Second Hug

Again, DeepVeer share a hug and a moment before Deepika goes on to receive her award!