Bipasha Basu on her recent London controversy – 15 years you don’t last in any business being unprofessional

Bipasha Basu on her recent London controversy – 15 years you don’t last in any business being unprofessional
Bipasha Basu is currently in London with her husband Karan Singh Grover. Both were seen having a sweet romantic time with each other and their Instagram pages say it all! But, no, they were not on their honeymoon, Bipasha visited London for work commitments as she was set to be the showstopper at the India-Pakistan London Fashion Show.
As per a popular tabloid, Bipasha refused to come out of her room few hours before the show kickstarted, nor did she speak to anybody. When her manager Sana Kapoor tried to control the situation, Bips abused her and threw her out of the room, and also insulted Gurbani Kaur, the founder and the organiser of the show.
Talking about this horrific run-in, Ronita Sharma Rekhi, the official talent scout of the show stated, “While still in India, Sana told us that Bipasha wanted her husband Karan to fly out to London with her and her stay be extended to five nights. We had already booked rooms at Mayfair but since there were no rooms available after she extended her stay, we shifted her to the Montcalm Hotel, another five-star property which cost us 600 pounds per night. All her requirements were taken care of and an advance fee was paid. Within minutes of landing in London, we handed her two local SIM cards which she literally threw back on my face because it only had a five-pound recharge.There were around 20 people watching us, including the chauffeurs. The tantrums got worse once Bipasha reached the hotel.”
The show had to begin without Bipasha and was recording live by a leading British channel who called it as “one of the most exemplary portrays of Indian and Pakistani fashion”.
After few hours, without any prior notice, Bipasha and Karan were spotted leaving the hotel holding a map of the city and left her manager Sana stranded there. Sana was then escorted by London-based Sunny Surani to the airport. He said, “It was a pitiful situation when I was contacted. I had to organise accommodation and food for Bipasha’s manager Sana and book her on the next flight to Mumbai. The total loss suffered by the show organisers because of Bipasha amounts to 7800 pounds, apart from the travel expenses paid to her in cash at the airport. Bipasha used this as ‘honeymoon money’ but we will fight this till the end. We are going to apply to the visa and immigration centre to debar her from working in the UK in future.”
While Ronita said, “The agency doesn’t want anything more to do with the affair. But I cannot forget how we, credible and respectable working professionals, cried and begged Bipasha to walk the ramp and how mercilessly she let not only us down but also India, and that too on a platform that was meant to portray the unity between two countries. As event organisers, we are used to delays, complaints and unreasonable demands but everybody always comes to an amicable agreement. Sometimes the organisers apologise, sometimes the celebrities and everybody goes home having earned some money and recognition. But this is unacceptable.”
When Bipasha was questioned about the incident, her spokesperson stated, “Bipasha has always had a spotless reputation for more than 15 years in the industry and has been a thorough professional. Unfortunately, the organisers didn’t honour their commitment as promised in terms of hospitality and logistics, on landing Bipasha had to book her own hotel stay. What happened was completely unprofessional on the organisers part.”
The actor even took to her Twitter and said, “Hearing about a con woman talking utter rubbish about my work ethics and some section of the media giving them space too.”
She added, “15 years you don’t last any business being unprofessional. You last because you are clear and particular and have self respect.”