Bipasha Basu: Karan and I are NOT planning planning a baby right now

Bipasha Basu: Karan and I are NOT planning planning a baby right now
Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married on April 30, last year and ever since they got hitched, there were rumours doing the rounds that they are planning a baby. Today, Bipasha took to shut down all the rumours of her pregnancy through a series of tweets.
Bipasha wrote, “The curiosity about me being pregnant…is sweet and a tad annoying. I am sorry to disappoint the ppl who are so eager for this to happen. We are not planning to have a baby right now.When we do will be joyous news which we will share  with our well wishers then.”
She added, “The constant guessing game is am more than straightforward person.So pls do not believe anything that gets written.Thank you all.”
And this is not the first time that the actress has gone straight forward and made it clear that she is not planning a baby. She had earlier said, “I wish people would respectfully leave these major life decisions to us. Absolutely untrue rumors.”
Earlier this month, the Bong beauty made headlines for her unprofessional behaviour in London. Reportedly, just before the fashion show was to start, Bipasha refused to walk the ramp. Clarifying her stance, Bipsha took to her twitter account and tweeted, “Hearing about a con woman talking utter rubbish about my work ethics and some section of the media giving them space too.” adding “15 years you don’t last any business being unprofessional. You last because you are clear and particular and have self respect.”
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