Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Abhirami breaks down as she apologizes to her mother for being rude

Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 latest promo gave the viewers a sneak peek into the tasks that the contestants will be doing. The Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 contestants were to speak about the one person who stood by them in difficult times and has encouraged them through their professional journey along with a moment that they can never forget. The promo shows actress Abhirami talking about her mother. She is seen getting very emotional as she speaks about her mother during the task. Abhirami talks about how she had been very rude to her mother by saying that she doesn’t need her mother and had stayed away from her for four months.

Abhirami further adds that her mother has made many sacrifices along the way and adds that her parents had many conflicts due to which they parted ways. Later on, Abhirami breaks down as she starts apologizing to her mother for her rude behaviour. The other contestants also get emotional when Abhirami talks about her experience.

The Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 got into a controversy recently, when former contestant made respectful remarks about woman on the show. Earlier on the show, Saravanan says that he had molested and groped women on the buses. This caused an outrage among the viewers and led to Saravanan’s eviction from the show. Saravanan had made this comment when the host of the show Kamal Haasan was talking to director Cheran and Meera Mithun about certain issues. The show and the host faced a lot of flak from the audience due to this incident.