Bigg Boss 9 Day 16: Desi boys Suyyash-Prince turn enemies overnight to excel in the Facebook task!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 16: Desi boys Suyyash-Prince turn enemies overnight to excel in the Facebook task!

The Shiva’s Taandav as the wake-up song of the day gives a hint of the furore in the house that is about to take the centre-stage soon. Contemplating about the reality check given during yesterday’s Bhavishyavaanitask, Suyyash reiterates Rochelle’s statement on how the Bigg Boss house is a mirage hinting towards Prince. Overhearing Suyyash’s conversation, Vikas counsels him not to break ties with Prince under any circumstances as that would not benefit him.


As time passes, Bigg Boss announces the Friends Page task, pitting the Punjabi boys Suyyash and Prince against each other. As thick contenders, the two contestants are required to update their status on a board with the help of magnetic alphabets and gather supporters. The housemates decide to show their support to either one of the two contestants, on the basis of the campaigns of the warring two, by placing their pictures next to their status boards. Kishwer, a common loyalist, is appointed as the supervisor of the task by BB. The housemates can not only like or dislike the status but also they can also ask the candidates about their status or their journey in the house.  The candidates can also block any housemate for breaking the rules by requesting the supervisor. At the end of the task, the winner will take over the mantle of captaincy from Kishwer while the loser will be nominated for next week.

Once the buzzer rings to give a go ahead to the boys, Suyyash and Prince get on their toes and rush to update their statuses. The first subtle sign of cracks is visible when Prince tells supervisor Kishwer that he is announcing his status, as per instructions on the task letter. Kishwer tries to make a point about how he is not required to do that for the first status update.

As the day progresses, the task gets intense with every passing minute and a war of words between Kishwer and Aman leads to a ripple effect. Using their right to question either of the candidates, Keith asks Prince about ganging up with Suyyash and Kishwer and if that will still happen if he becomes the captain. On the other hand, Rochelle questions Suyyash’s status revolving around fights. Later, Aman asks Suyyash on why he felt that Aman was negative in any way. Justifying himself, Aman claims that he even made a sacrifice by nominating himself over his girlfriend Kishwer. Hearing her name, Kishwer jumps into the conversation and defends her better half by saying that Aman only sacrificed his safety because Kishwer sacrificed her luggage! Aman asks Kishwer to stay out of his conversation with Suyyash because she is the supervisor and cannot defend either of the candidates. Kishwer retorts angrily by saying that she can do whatever she wants because she is the captain of the house.

Annoyed by Kishwer’s interference, housemates make their irritation evident. Rochelle complains to Bigg Boss about Kishwer saying that she is interfering in spite of being the supervisor. Fights between friends Prince and Kishwer leads to the latter’s tear tank overflowing. While Prince tries to sort it out with her, it is only when Suyyash consoles her that Kishwer feels better.

Even at night, the anger and frustration goes on mounting between friends turn foes Suyyash and Prince, more so due to lack of weariness. The nail in the coffin is dug when Suyyash takes a pot-shot at Prince through his status referring to his inability to count the number of zeroes in the Nilami task. Prince gets baffled at this and he swears at his “friend” Suyyash.

To be continued…