Bharat actress Katrina Kaif admits she cannot trust ex beau Ranbir Kapoor with THIS; Find Out

Bharat actress Katrina Kaif admits she cannot trust ex beau Ranbir Kapoor with THIS; Find Out

Katrina Kaif has been all over the place lately. The actress has been busy promoting her upcoming movie Bharat which stars Salman Khan in the lead. The actress has been discussing her portrayal of Kumud, her equation with Salman and recently spoke about Priyanka Chopra leaving the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial. However, in a recent interview, she recalled her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. The actress, who has no filters and has no qualms about it, was seen discussing the men of Bollywood when RK’s name was mentioned.

Kat was recently on Neha Dhupia’s chat show. The actress spoke about everything under the sun. But there was a segment when she discussed Ranbir, Varun Dhawan and others. Neha had quizzed Katrina, who is the one co-star she cannot trust with a major secret.

Katrina did not shy away from naming Ranbir. We aren’t surprised. Time and again, we’ve heard Ranbir is one of the biggest gossip mongers in Bollywood. Just a few weeks ago, Karan Johar admitted that Ranbir broadcasts gossip like no other. Appearing on Kapil Sharma’s show last month, Karan said, “If we need to broadcast the news, we should give it to Ranbir (Kapoor). He’ll have it published in the papers in two days.” Given these two statements, its best we keep secrets away from Ranbir.

Katrina went on to talk about her other co-stars as well. She joked there is no co-star who could match her dance steps. “I want to say all of them,” she joked before singling out Aditya Roy Kapur. “I love him, he is fantastic, but I feel Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) struggled a little bit… or a lot… in the song. It was a difficult song and he wouldn’t listen to me,” she explained. “If you are trying to pick me up, lift me up, swing me around and do some jumps too, then I am going to be able to give you some help. But if you don’t want to listen on how to carry me, then what can be done,” she added.

She was also asked who would be a bad chat show host: Arjun Kapoor or Varun Dhawan? “Varun Dhawan because I don’t think he will let you talk,” she explained.