Alia Bhatt wishes Sonam Kapoor for her BIG win at National Film Awards

Alia Bhatt wishes Sonam Kapoor for her BIG win at National Film Awards
Sonam Kapoor delivered one of the best performances in Neerja and today, she has got an award under the category of Special Mention category. Alia took to Twitter to congratulate her. She wrote, “Congratulations @sonamakapoor big big hug!!!! And also to Ram Madhwani and team Neerja!!!!”
Atul Kasbekar on her big win said, “Even if I was the ultimate optimist, you can’t write this script (laughs). We just wanted to…Ram (Madhvani) and I have known each other for 25 years and the only thing we said at the beginning of this journey is that we will be achingly honest to Neerja, to the story and we took a lot of trouble to do that and the audience has liked the movie.”
He added, “I had told Sonam at the beginning of this project, ‘Listen, you know what, maybe I don’t know what I’m doing and the worst thing that will happen is that I’ll make a flop. There are a lot of seasoned producers who know nothing other than the film business, who have made flops. But, I just have a good feeling so why don’t you just submit to the process and I promise you that if I don’t get you a nomination at least for a National Award then I will have failed you’. We did a little better than a nomination and I’m very happy.”
Brother Harshvardhan was also elated about Sonam’s big win. He said, “It’s amazing and unbelievable. And dad (Anil Kapoor) has two National Awards in his thirty-year-long plus career and some incredible efforts has gone into making Neerja. It’s incredible to be so young and win a National award. I am the only actor left in the family to win it (laughs).”
“It’s an achievement and it stays with you for your life. I think it’s truly deserved and we are proud of her. It’s a great prestige for our family. For dad and Sonam, it’s a happy day. I think we kind of knew that this is a good chance for her to win it. She carried the film on her shoulders and she made us believe that she is Neerja,” added Harsh.
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