Vikas Bhalla and Arvind Vegda bid adieu

Vikas Bhalla and Arvind Vegda bid adieu
Like every weekend, today’s episode of Bigg Boss 9 could well be termed as a Salman Khan extravaganza with its usual elements of fights and drama and crying and mentoring and a hell lot of fun. As is customary, Salman started to talk about the various fights and unwanted situations that took place in the house through the week and sorted them out in a manner only he can.

Starting with Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi’s fight… So the whole work issue was blown out of proportion after Prince yelled at Mandana a few days ago. The guy was even criticised for behaving badly with a girl, but if you go with what Salman has to say, there was nothing wrong in the way Prince spoke. Salman very nicely put forth the idea that raising your voice does NOT mean that you are ill-mannered especially when the person you are talking to is speaking a pitch much higher than you. Salman sided with the Spiltsvilla 8 winner saying that he was pretty much in control since there was no use of any foul language or anything that would otherwise be offensive.

He then came to Suyyash Rai who was asked by a viewer in the Q-n-A round why he takes all tasks so lightly. The viewer blamed him of being laid back and not putting in any effort to win. Despite all his justifications, Salman made him realise that whatever his game plan is, it’s not really working as he’s not coming across as a bigger person who let’s others win, but as a loser who does not really want to win. And well, no argument with Suyyash is complete without his girlfriend, Kishwer Merchantt being dragged in, willingly or unwillingly.

So next came Kishwer and her decision to announce Suyyash’s team as the winner in the recently held dance competition, when Prince’s team had clearly performed far better and given a more entertaining performance. In her defense, Kishwer reasoned that three people in Prince’s team were dancing without mics and they broke a very important rule. Salman was quick to point out that she was asked to judge on the basis of the most entertaining dance and not on the basis of who followed rules. He then made sure Kishwer understood that all her decisions seem extremely biased where her boyfriend is concerned.

But amidst all the fights and accusations, Salman revealed the name of the one person who he deems as the biggest rule breaker of the house… Rimi Sen. Yes you heard that right. The Prem Ratan Dhan Payo actor explained that the most important rule of the show is to not discuss eliminations with other contestants. Rimi, however, has been discussing and begging people to eliminate and vote her out as she desperately wants to get home. In the process, she’s somewhere trying to influence the voting process.

At the end of the emotional roller coaster that was today’s episode, Salman announced that of Arvind Vegda, Vikas Bhalla, Rimi Sen, Keith Sequiara, Digangana Suryavanshi and Mandana Karimi, there will be two contestants leaving the house today, not one. While Salman only announced Arvind’s name today leaving the other for tomorrow, we have already informed you that the other person is Vikas Bhalla.