Is Prince Narula the next Gautam Gulati

Is Prince Narula the next Gautam Gulati

1) They are Abs-olutely handsome!

Both of them love to flaunt their sculpted abs in the Bigg Boss house. While Gautam made girls go crazy when he walked around the house topless, Prince seems to be doing the same!


2) Similar Beginnings

Gautam’s start in the show was really rocky as all the inmates of the house turned against him in the first week itself. Prince is currently in a really similar situation, because he was rejected by 4 girls as their task partner. That’s gotta hurt!


3) Keeping it real

Much like the other contestants, who are busy playing it for the cameras, both Gautam and Prince created a deep bond with the audience by being real and true to themselves!


4) They both have an immense fan following

In Gautam’s case, he earned a lot of fans after he singlehandedly dealt with all the other inmates who were turned against him by Karishma Tanna. But in Prince’s case, he already has a huge fan following thanks to his winning streak of reality shows.


5) They know how to work their charm

Let’s be honest, to get their message across/ win someone over, all they have to do is turn up the charm and the ladies will simply line up to hear more!


6) Angry Young Men

Gautam’s stint on Bigg Boss exposed his temper to the masses, and everyone knew that he is someone to not be messed with. Though Prince is keeping his calm in the house so far, he has been pretty aggressive on both the reality shows before Bigg Boss!


7) Their Mantra!

Judging by their performances on their respective seasons, both Gautam and Prince seem to share this common mantra: “I am what I am. Deal with it.”