Double Thanda Contestants of Bigg Boss!

Double Thanda Contestants of Bigg Boss!

Its Double trouble for the makers of the show Bigg Boss!! Everything from the extremely late time slot to the contestants is thanda!  Lets look at which contestants definitely aren’t working for us yet…

Prince Narula – He being the hot blooded, short tempered guy that he claims to be…We wonder, why is he not reacting to housemate’s cold groupism against him. The guy who promised to trouble all the contestants that were laughing on him, seems to overlook everything. He seems to be too busy creating harmony in the house.



Roopal Tyagi, who had made it quite obvious in the beginning that the existence of Ankit does bother her which also identifies the concept of show – Double Trouble seems to be diminishing day by day. Forget about being in limelight, she is hardly even noticed on the show despite the intentional provocation from her ex! She just tries to become the bigger person by not reacting. Ummmm, why is she even in the house then? Bigg Boss, we need an answer!



Suyyash Rai – The challenge of Trypanophobia could have created a lot of buzz for Suyyash and Rimi but instead just fizzled out in a very subtle way. Don’t you think it was too disappointing that on one side he was shown so aggressive towards Rimi and and the next moment he was giggling with her. And later, he was fuming with rage and embarked a rebel on not getting an answer from Bigg Boss, we thought he is going to create a ruckus in the house and… Bam! He fizzles out again. Our daily soaps have more drama than this!!



Mandana Karimi making Shor on the Snor! I mean come on, was that a topic to shout for? And if she is at all doing so, what did it result into? .. Nothing! Secondly the love triangle that people started assuming since day 1 between her Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Maria Rao just seems to be vanishing with passing days. Buck up, Girl! you are our only hope!!



Kishwer Merchantt – the girl who stepped in with a strong dominating personality! Where has the domination gone? Oh yes, her partner Aman Yatan Verma seems to be doing her job. Is that so, she thinks! Then why is she quiet and complaining to others about the irritation?  Why can’t she confront him? Why act like an Abhala Naari?! Well, maybe all she wants is to stay in the good books. Yawn..
Every other time we expect there could be a high point, it results in discontentment. Contestants are too afraid to get into any kind of controversies, so how will the season work? Why are they not coming out of their Too-good-to-be-true zone, why are they not reacting? Can somebody Pls wake them up?!!



Well this is not it! there are a few more invisible contestants like Arvind Vegda and Digangana Suryavanshi, who are not adding any content to the show at all! They are neither entertaining the viewers, nor adding any glamour to the show. What are these free-boarders even doing here?
If this continues, we doubt how is Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble going to be exciting!