Bigg Boss 9 Scoop: “Insecure” Rochelle breaks down after having a catfight with Mandana over Keith!

Bigg Boss 9 Scoop: “Insecure” Rochelle breaks down after having a catfight with Mandana over Keith!

The first fight of BB Season 9 was occurred on Day 3 between Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi. As we know that from Day 1, Rochelle has been very insecure and concerned about her real life beau Keith’s growing fondness for his BB partner Rochelle. So much so that on Day 2, an insecure Rochelle spoke at length about how she fell for Keith, chased him and so on… In all likelihood, Rochelle’s idea to share so much information about her and Keith’s relationship in such a candid manner was to alert Mandana (and other female housemates) to give up the idea of snatching away Keith from her because he has been already taken!

However, since the seeds of insecurity and jealously have already sown in Rochelle’s heart, they sprouted into a catfight with who else but Mandana.

According to the live footage, late at night, Mandana who was finding hard to sleep due to loud snores of Arvind and Vikas, requested Keith to exchange beds with her so that she could sleep in peace. While, Keith agreed to switch beds with Mandana, this offer did not go down well with Rochelle as that would separate her from Keith who was sleeping by her side till now. When Rochelle protested and quizzed Mandana about exchanging beds, Mandana replied that she had asked her partner and he was alright with the shift.

This made Rochelle lose her cool and she gave back to Mandana saying that she has no right to call Keith her “partner” as he is her boyfriend.

Mandana remained unbothered with Rochelle’s brickbats and went off to sleep. However, Rochelle took the whole thing to heart way too much and broke down into tears. Surprisingly, Keith did not interfere in the fight, but only came forward to pacify Rochelle once she burst into tears.