Bigg Boss 9 Elimination Day: Surprise! Ankit Gera ousted from the show

Bigg Boss 9 Elimination Day: Surprise! Ankit Gera ousted from the show

With a weekend full of not-so-happening drama and not any significant controversy in sight till yet; the first eviction for the week 1 of Bigg Boss 9 has finally happened! Nominated pairs were – Ankit Gera-ArvindVegda, Rimi Sen-Suyyash Rai, Yuvika Choudhary-Vikas Bhalla and Roopal Tyagi-Digangana Suryavanshi. And the contestant who has shown the door is none other than Ankit! In a twist to the story, the elimination is not in double (pair) – only one contestant among the jodi was ousted, and it was Ankit Gera. The episode kicked off on a fun note, with Salman’s upcoming film, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo co-star Sonam Kapoor performing alongside the handsome hunk on the movie’s title track. Seeing Salman doing the latka-jhatkawith Sonam was the cutest moment of the day! Salman-Sonam’s light banter on the stage gave us enough glimpse of how good would be their chemistry in the film.

In the first of its kind, a journalist and a guest actor was on the show, to interact with the BB house contestants. Actor Ayushman Khurana and journalist Akash Soni was the panelist for the day. Soni stated how all fear Salman in the show, and in his true swagger the dabbang Khan admitted, that, ‘Bigg Boss can’t work without me!’ True… While Ayushman suggested actress Rimi Sen to open up in the house, Salman too asked Rimi to play straight from the heart and forget how cameras will portray her to the world. But the highlight of the episode was Iranian model and actress, Mandana Karimi. While Sonam complimented Mandana on her good hindi diction and learning how to cook rajmah, Salma in his flirtatious self, asked Mandana to cook dinner for her some time once she is out of the house!! Well, this comes as no surprise as all the foreign hotties till date on the BB show has got a lot of attention from our Prem aka Salman’s end…

But the question that was on everyone’s lips was put across by Sonam. Mandana was asked as to why she never asked Keith to change his partner and opt for her girlfriend, in the recent partner swap option given in the BB house. Ms Karim blatantly put out that she is here to win, and Keith is a strong candidate whom she gels well with, so why would she pair up with anyone else! Salman being the naughty Khan, teased Keith-Rochelle-Mandana on their ‘trio’ status, and even stated that Keith is having ‘double mazaa;  andarand baahar!!’ However, the ‘tadka’ moment of the day was the caller of the week question where a fan questioned Keith about his partner Mandana’s comment on Keith’s girlfriend, Rochelle. Mandana had allegedly said that Rochelle isn’t ‘smart’! Hearing the question, Keith looked in a spot but answered that this was only stated in a good sense by Mandana, as to say that Rochelle thinks from the heart and is a more of a sensitive person than being a smart player.

Salman then had amusing conversations with other contestants; on Digangana’s obsession with her hair, Arvind’s snoring, and even played a small test with the contestants, ‘Do you know your partner’, where jodiswere asked questions about their pair to figure out how well they know their ‘better half’ in the house.

Ankit, who is a famous TV actor, has a good fan following outside. Considering that he has always flooded with a lot of controversies, and his presence in the show being touted as ‘strategically planned’ since his ex Roopal too was on the show – his exit was not expected. With Ankit’s Gera exit, a few media person met him outside the asked his thoughts on his elimination, where the actor stated that at least with his stint in the BB house, he has come out clean out of all the controversies, and he was happy with whatever is the janta kafaisla.

So be tuned into Bigg Boss 9, and let’s see what drama unfolds in the next week… !!