Bigg Boss 9 Day 9: Sweethearts Suyyash & Kishwer have their first fight; Keith scolds Mandana for treating him like a dog!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9: Sweethearts Suyyash & Kishwer have their first fight; Keith scolds Mandana for treating him like a dog!

The episode begins with BB assigning the luxury budget task of the week. The task titled ‘Lagaan’ requires Kishwer and Aman to play the zamindars and Arvind as the supervisor. The rest of the housemates are asked to essay the part of workers and are allotted the duty of grinding the flour in the chakki and a portion of it many times in the day for a negotiable price to use other areas of the house. As a rule, a pair has to be on toes to keep the chakki moving without any break.

All corners of the house barring the garden area are cordoned to the workers and zamindaars are given the duty of cutting tax every time a ‘worker’ contestant wishes to visit any of the obstructed areas.

Realising that the task is in favour of the zamindaars, the worker contestants immediately put a strategy behind their game. Rochelle and Mandana gang up against Vikas who they accuse of not allowing them to have their say due to his male ego.

In the washroom, during a break from the task, Roopal bonds with Aman over a badmouthing session. She says that her partner Digangana very slow and inactive while doing the task. She expresses a strong desire to change her partner anyhow.  Aman agrees with Roopal and they get surprised to realise how well they seem to be getting along.

In the washroom, Rochelle is seen telling Keith that she wants to become the captain of the house by doing well in the luxury budget tasks; but Rimi is trying to hold her back by not participating equally.

Later, Keith himself gets embroiled in a heated argument with his partner Mandana. He accuses her for being too controlling and alleges her for treating him like his pet. He tells her upfront that henceforth she must seek his approval as well before going anywhere, rather than going by her own whims. Mandana defends herself and tries making her point. But, Keith shows no willingness to listen. Hence, Mandana gets frustrated with Keith and breaks the tie asking him to play the game individually. The house captains and others contestants persuade Mandana to wear the tie again so that the point from their weekly kitchen budget don’t get deducted for breaking the rule. The housemates try to mend the differences between Keith and Mandana but fail to do so. Mandana reminds Keith about the compromises she has done for him and his girlfriend (Rochelle). However, Keith simply says that Mandana understands things only when she in the mood to.

When Rochelle tries interfering to make Mandana see reason, the latter asks Rochelle to stay out of the matter. Rochelle gets angry at Mandana for tarnishing Keith’s image before the whole house.

In the evening, Suyyash and Kishwer have their first fight in the BB house when worker-contestant Suyyash tries to trick Kishwer into giving them the coins. Kishwer understands Suyyash’s strategy and gets very upset with him. The duos have an argument about the deal and Aman makes it worse by pointing out that Suyyash’s temper gets flared up unreasonably. Kishwer refuses to part with any penny, as a result. Soon, Suyyash realises his mistake and breaks down into tears. Prince and the captains pacify Suyyash and take him to Kishwer for their patch up. Kishwer, too, gets teary-eyed for blasting Suyyash and says that she was anyway acting generously to save the workers team from too many hardships. The two kiss and make-up and get back to their task.

At night, a fight ensues between Vikas and Rochelle when the former mentions how Rochelle and Rimi went to eat when others were toiling in the heat. Rochelle makes a huge issue out of this and cries about being unfairly targeted. She whines that she is helpless as her partner Rimi is least willing to do the tasks.  The housemates and Keith console her by offering her a shoulder to cry, while Vikas and Yuvika continue moving the chakki.

To be continued…