Bigg Boss 9 Day 8: Roopal sheds a bucketful of tears for Ankit; Mandana turns sacrificial lamb for Keith & Rochelle!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 8: Roopal sheds a bucketful of tears for Ankit; Mandana turns sacrificial lamb for Keith & Rochelle!
Bigg Boss Day 9 (1)

The episode kick-starts showing Roopal breaking down into tears after ex-beau Ankit’s eviction on Sunday evening. Roopal holds herself guilty for nominating Ankit for elimination and sobs over it. Digangana, Kishwer and Suyyash pacify Roopal by asking her to be friends with Ankit outside the house. However, Roopal does not feel convinced with the counsel and wonders if that would be really feasible. Looking at her miserable state, Rochelle and Keith, too, feel sorry for Roopal join in to help her feel better.

Meanwhile, Prince, Vikas and Yuvika empathise with Arvind who is left lonely after Ankit’s eviction. They talk about how important the show is for Arvind who has a lot of hopes pinned with this show.


Later, Keith and Rochelle have a chat about their relationship and comparing themselves with Kishwer and Suyyash, they talk about keeping others to out of their personal matters. They talk about resolving their mutual issues between themselves rather than involve others in it. Surprisingly, Rochelle is heard revealing that her equation with Mandana has improved and they are in a much better position to understand each other. However, a worry is seen plaguing Rochelle about which she gets vocal before boyfriend Keith. She says that she is worried about being evicted due to her comparatively weaker partner Rimi. Keith consoles Rochelle saying that it does not mean that if she gets nominated she will indeed get evicted.

As the light go off, the housemates hit the sack. Only Roopal and Digangana are seen chatting endlessly about the following week’s evictions. They discuss about Prince, who according to them, is seem to be playing mind games. and hence is not trustworthy. Interestingly, the girls agree that Aman is actually a genuine person but has been misunderstood.

And then comes the nominations round which calls for nominated pairs to decide which one of the pair would finally make it to the hit list! Surprisingly, Aman, who was alleged for being selfish by his partner Kishwer, decides to be the sacrificial lamb this time on his own. On the other hand, Keith and Mandana behave like saints by showing willingness to put their safety at stake for the other. Mandana reasons that Keith should stay in the game because of Rochelle, while tries playing nice by nominating himself. At last, they arrive to a consensus by doing a toss. Mandana loses the toss and get nominated for the eviction. In the end, Mandana, Prince, Aman, Roopal and Rimi get nominated for elimination.

While a few contestants willingly sacrificed their safety, a few were seen at loggerheads with each other.

During the ‘Nilami Task’ to reclaim their luggage, Digangana, Suyyash and Prince mess up by misunderstanding the rules. They go ahead and bid for their bags, putting a heavy price against their bags. Only Keith acts wisely and sacrifices his bag once again with the thought that the prize money is important for all contestants. While Suyyash, Prince and Digangana get their luggage back, Keith’s sacrifice wins him everyone’s empathy and respect.

The shocker is thrown at housemates when they are informed that the prize money has been reduced to Rs. 39,66,667 only! When the reduction in prize money makes Kishwer blast the bidders, Roopal shouts back asking her to stop trying to get footage by fighting and raising her voice. This comment leaves Kishwer miffed who asks Roopal if she is trying to make a point just because Salman told her she is coming across as silent.

The tiring day comes to a close as Mandana consoles the bugged housemates by saying that Bigg Boss is a mind-game and the contestants should be more prepared the next time. Roopal, however, does not buy into Prince and ignorance about the rules of the Nilami task.