Bigg Boss 9 Day 60: Prince gets closer to Nora; Giselle picks on Rochelle again by calling her dependant on her beau Keith!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60: Prince gets closer to Nora; Giselle picks on Rochelle again by calling her dependant on her beau Keith!

The episode begins on a creepy note as the song Party with the Bhootnath plays inside the house in the early hours of the day. Suyyash and Rochelle get together to engage in a casual talk about how Prince is trying to replicate his love story with Nora this time after his past with Yuvika and how the love angle is purely fake!

Meanwhile, Giselle and Priya are seen arguing about Giselle making personal comments on Rochelle’s career graph and calling her dependent on her boyfriend. Priya tells Rochelle that she will take a stand for every wrong doing which irritates Giselle. Giselle tells Mandana about Priya befriending Rishabh for her benefit after his fallout with Mandana.

In the afternoon Bigg Boss adds another twist to the Bhoot Bangla by introducing the next level where the humans have to destroy the ghosts. In order to do that, they are required to destroy three skeletons by dumping them in the swimming pool. The situation gets nasty when Prince and Mandana get into a fight after Prince blames her for their shortcomings in the task. As it progresses, the housemates continue to fight and get into conflicts about playing unfair. In the midst of all the confusion, Keith comes across as the only fair player.

Later in the day, Giselle bullies Nora by blaming her for being confused while performing the task. Nora sheds her miss-goody-two-shoes image and argues with Giselle with full rage. She tells Giselle that she won’t get intimidated by her loud actions. After her argument with Giselle, Nora breaks down into tears. At this point, Prince walks up to her and consoles her saying, “Why are you crying I am here to save you from all the housemates.” Nora gets pleased with Prince’s caring gesture and gives him a warm hug.

Meanwhile, everyone inside the house is now agitated and in the heat of the moment Rochelle tells Keith that because the opposite team is not paying heed to his decisions, they will also now do the same. Bigg Boss announces that the task will be over soon and both the teams’ players need to buck up. This motivates everyone to give their best but things get out of hand when Rochelle ends up hurting Giselle’s knee. Later, Mandana questions Prince’s loyalty in the task as his close friends Kishwer and Suyyash are in the opposition team. Prince gets irked by this and the two of them get into an argument. The day comes to an end but the issues inside the Bigg Boss house do not come to rest.

To be continued…