Bigg Boss 9 Day 57: Digangana evicted; Two new wild cards introduced; Keith wins the lust test; Kanwaljeet calls Rochelle unworthy of Miss India title!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 57: Digangana evicted; Two new wild cards introduced; Keith wins the lust test; Kanwaljeet calls Rochelle unworthy of Miss India title!

Salman Khan announces the biggest twist this weekend as for the first time ever, the housemates will be given the power to eliminate one contestant out of the nominated contestants- Suyyash and Digangana. Beginning the episode on this shocking note, Salman teases Prince by saying that he’ll be left alone if his ‘brother’ Suyyash gets evicted today. Kishwer interrupts and expresses her thoughts on Suyyash and how she will be affected if he gets eliminated.  Salman further tells Kishwer that she is a very strong contestant and can survive on her own without Suyyash being around. He also says that he cannot say the same about Prince because without Suyyash, Prince appears to be handicapped.

Soon after, the contestants are subjected to yet another lie detector test. Priya is asked whether Kish is incapable of surviving in the game solely on her own. Priya gives a prompt reply answering with a “yes” and passes the lie detector test! She is further asked if Mandana thinks herself to be the best. Priya, once again, replies in the affirmative and the buzzer goes green! Finally, Priya gives another correct reply when she is asked if Rochelle could have picked the Ticket to Finale in the Greed task. Next, Prince is asked if he thinks Kanwaljeet is the most stupid person in the house. He answers saying “No” and loses in the first go when the buzzer goes red!

Kanwaljeet is asked a few scandalous questions and he impresses like how by answering frankly. He is asked if Rochelle is worthy of the Miss India title and also if she is a human at heart. Kanwal answers with a “no” to both the questions and wins the lie detector test. Rochelle pulls a long face and tries hiding her disappointment by saying that she has won the crown in reality and is now playing BB9.

The unexpected revelations during the test take everyone by surprise and unmask their true feelings. Additionally, Prince admits that Suyyash is not coming across as a strong player. Later in the day, the handsome hunks Keith and Suyyash are subjected to the lust test. A half-naked woman comes to the men and shows some dance moves to raise their heart-beats. Initially Rochelle and Kishwer are apprehensive about their boyfriends’ reactions. While, Kishwer tries to be cool, Rochelle, who has started dating Keith a few months back, gets jittery to see her beau being subjected to the task. But, as the task progresses they burst into laughter like the rest of the house. In the end, Keith is declared by Salman as the winner of the lust task.

Furthermore, Salman Khan introduces the two new wildcard contestants, the pretty ladies Norah Fatehi and Giselle Thakral. Norah expresses her desire to woo Prince and Rishabh, while Giselle hopes to provide “entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment” in the show by her presence.

Lastly, Salman asks the contestants to go through the new eviction process and decide the fate of the nominated contestants. For a change, the housemates are asked to vote for the contestant who they want to leave the house. Of Suyyash or Digangana, the latter makes it to the hit list and is finally ushered out of the house via a secret exit.

To be continued…