Bigg Boss 9 Day 56: Salman takes a dig at Ranveer Singh for kicking him out of Bajirao Mastani!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 56: Salman takes a dig at Ranveer Singh for kicking him out of Bajirao Mastani!

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode begins with Salman introducing Bollywood star Ranveer Singh on stage. The actor joins Salman and begins talking about his upcoming film Bajirao Mastani which is due for release on December 18.

Salman takes a dig at Ranveer’s rolled up moustache and compared it with the rim of old fashioned reading glasses! Ranveer confesses jokingly that he spends 10 minutes daily to tame the moustache.

Next, we see Salman pulling Ranveer’s leg by commenting that the latter threw him out of Bajirao Mastani which was offered to Salman initially.  Salman further says that he would have been hosting BB, promotingBajrao Mastani and also sharing the stage with SRK whose visit for Dilwale promotions is due for next week!

“Itna accha mauka cheen liya tune???, says Salman to Ranveer.

Ranveer praises Salman’s performance in the evergreen favorite Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. To this, Salman says, “Bhansali Saab abhi tak Khamoshi aur Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ki wajah se hi bache jue hain…”(Bhansali is surviving only because of Khamoshi and HDDCS). However, on a serious note, Salman says that he likes the promos of Bajirao Mastani and Sanjay has done a good job. “Samajh mein aa gayi unki baat!”, Salman jokes pointing at Bhansali.

Salman moves on to enquire about the two actresses Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone who are sharing screen space with Ranveer in the movie.

Ranveer: “Oh yes sir, they have done a splendid job!”

Salman: “Kya set kya hai us song ka?”

Ranveer: Sir ladies wala dance karoge?

Salman: “Suit karega tum par!”

Salman: I felt good to see their (PC and Deepika) dance in the movie.

Ranveer: Sir, par agar hum dono hote to watt laga dete unki..

The conversation then gets concentrated on the BB contestants and soon they are introduced to Ranveer.

Ranveer says that he would give the title of Bajirao to any guy in the house who would say a series of dialogues better than the rest of them. He makes Keith and Rishabh speak a special dialogue from the film with a sword as a prop. Interestingly, Prince gives a Punjabi tadka to the dialogue and speaks the Marathi lines in Punjabi!

Moving on, Ranveer entertains the housemates by singing a song to define the personality of a particular contestant and asks them to guess the name of the person. He sings the song, Joru ka ghulam and most of the housemates are quick to realise that it is meant for Suyyash!

When Suyyash raises his hand to accept the title, Salman comments that even Suyyash does not want to lose that position to anyone!

When Ranveer sings, “Hindi meri gadbad phir bhi karun main badbad”, all understand that it is for Rochelle.


Ranveer finally bids adieu to the housemates and leaves with lots of good wishes fro all for his new Bollywood release.

A serious conversation ensues after that when Salma brings up the issue of Rochelle’s recent fallout with Mandana when the latter was seen badmouthing Rochelle with Priya in the sky lounge. Rochelle says the scorpion and fish story was true in their context and admits that Mandy is the scorpion who could bite the fish that helped her sail across the river.

Rochelle also says, “When Prince, Keith and I are supporting Mandy, yet she is whining about being alone in the house. So be it! I want her to be happy if that is how she feels.”

Mandana defends herself saying whenever she commits a mistake, Rochelle and Keith come to lecture her for an hour about good conduct. But of late, she had been seeing Roch unreasonably picking up dirty fights with Priya. “I felt bad about it and hence as Rochelle’s friend, I decided to speak to her about it. However, Rochelle dismissed me saying my fans know me what I am doing,” reasons Mandana.

Once again, Mandana becomes the hot topic of debate for her snappy and untrustworthy attitude. The housemates complain how thankless she is, while Mandana begs to differ and goes on arguing in her defence. Salman breaks his silence to compliment Mandana for performing well in the recent luxury budget task and mentions how everyone in the house appreciated her for it. He also says that if they appreciate her when she performs well, then Mandana should courteously listen to them if they have something to say about her erratic behaviour. Commenting on Mandana’s statement about “lecturing” her, Keith says that he and Rochelle never aim to lecture her about good conduct, rather counsel her.

Finally, the caller of the week questions Keith about being ruled by ladylove Rochelle. Keith says that it is not that Rochelle is dominating his views, but she has grown stronger in the last few weeks during his absence and hence, has stronger views now and he is a loving the development in her.

As the call gets disconnected, Salman bids goodbye promising to return tomorrow for announcing the evicted contestant.

To be continued…