Bigg Boss 9 Day 5: Partners exchanged; Kishwer reveals Aman’s filthy habits!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 5: Partners exchanged; Kishwer reveals Aman’s filthy habits!

The episode kick-starts with the housemates beginning the day on a cordial note by spending quality time with each other. Rimi, who has been one of the least active contestants of the season, admits that signing up BB was not a good idea and she would rather write-off the experience from her memory once she leaves the house.

Sometime around noon, the contestant Jodis assemble in the living area and hear what BB had to say to them. BB makes a delightful announcement about rewarding those who have been patiently enduring whatever curves were thrown to them on Day 1. Hence, BB decides to return the luggage of Kishwer and Vikas as a prize for performing well during the luxury budget task. Rochelle feels for her partner Prince and requests BB to return his bag as well because even his performance in one of the tasks was commendable. Rochelle’s plea, however, goes unheeded.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with her partner Digangana, Roopal finally confesses that she would be a fool if she reconciles with Ankit. Interestingly, she also admits that there is still a soft corner for him in her heart. She opens up about how painful it was for her to come back to normalcy after the painful break up with Ankit and how she controlled her emotions for her own and family’s sake. Digangana pacifies Roopal as she breaks down into tears.

Later in the day, a few Garba dancers enter the house to add fervour to the festive air.  The housemates dance to their heart’s content and are introduced to a special app task to shop for essential commodities. They shop for kitchen items and other knick-knacks within a limited period of time.

It happens to be a happy day for the contestants when Bb decides to be more kind to them. Captain Jodi of the house, Yuvika and Vikas, are given the responsibility to hear the appeal of housemates about exchanging their partners with a partner of their choice. One by one, everyone opens up about their intentions and preferred partner in a private conversation with Yuvika and Vikas.

Surprisingly, Keith and Mandana change their mind to switch partners and decide to stick to each other. Rochelle & Prince express no desire to part ways, as do Digangana & Roopal as well as Ankit and Arvind. Suyyash, however, yearns to exchange partner as he feels he could perform better without Rimi. Kishwer and Aman, too, make a petition to switch partners. Kishwer expecially mentions how selfish Aman is when it comes to serving food. She also says that she does not like Aman for some of his other filthy habits. In the end, Prince emerges as the partner of choice. Vikas and Yuvika, after a brain-storming session, decide to pair-up Suyyash with Prince and Rimi with Rochelle. While, Suyyash gets relieved and happy to have his partner changed, Rochelle accepts the decision without throwing a hissy.

After dinner, Mandana draws the attention of the captains towards the kitchen area which was supposed to be cleaned by Ankit and Arvind. She complains that the duos did not clean the areas as properly as they should have. Mandana once again becomes a subject of criticism as Kishwer and a few housemates joke about her inside the bedroom for making a big deal out of the partially cleaned kitchen corner. Before calling it a night, Suyyash tells ladylove Kishwer that he can’t stand Aman influencing her any more. Kishwer admits that even she is fed up of being tied to Aman and urges BB to take back her clothes but free her from bothersome Aman.

To be continued…